MICE Industry: Challenges Lying Ahead

MICE is a relatively new kind of tourism that has gained momentum in all parts of the world in the last two decades or so. It is actually an acronym that stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions. This implies that there are 4 components of this particular type of tourism and tours and trips are planned with large groups in mind. Gone are the days when business trips and conferences were drab affairs with participants merely getting opportunities to indulge in business activities and see and hear all about business and nothing else. MICE has added a new chapter in planned tourism by making these business conferences and exhibitions extremely enjoyable and moments to cherish.

MICE tourism has picked up in exotic destinations and countries with natural and breathtaking beauty: MICE in Italy is however one of the top spots of the business. Today, trips and tours are being organized in different locations around the world to provide employees of large corporations incentives for their hard work and dedication. However, MICE is not restricted to corporations alone as it has expanded and includes educational excursions and trips where large groups of students and teachers are taken to destinations around the world to mix education with some relaxing moments.

It is the I component of MICE that refers to incentives and is solely concerned with comfort and luxury. It has become a trend for large companies to provide incentives to their hard working and productive employees in the form of foreign trips and tours. These trips are luxurious to say the least with everything from accommodation and sightseeing being planned in advance.

Many countries of the world have realized the importance of MICE in being an important tool to earn foreign exchange. These countries have worked hard to develop infrastructural facilities to attract large groups to plan their trip to these countries. Like all other industries, MICE industry also has to work to make its products and services better all the time so as to meet the expectations of its clients. Business events like conferences and exhibitions today are nothing like what they were a decade ago. Companies shave realized that communication between people belonging to same industry is a great way to enhance business opportunities. This is the reason why MICE industry has been evolving keeping in mind the requirements and aspirations of employees belonging to the Y generation. Even for the people who take part in these business events, these trips become extremely important for the kind of exposure they get and the important role played by these moments in improving their motivation levels.

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