How to choose the best luxury hotels in the internet

General Problems

People with money are people with power. That’s why they want to have the best things for them. However, when you live in Australia and you want to pick one of the best hotels in Dubai, it is hard because you can not actually go and check it by yourself. You must know some tips that will allow you to find the best hotel in the city and country that you want. That’s how you are going to spend a beautiful holiday in the country that you have always dreamed to visit. Choosing the best luxury hotel could be carried out on the internet. When you go online, you can not trust sites and the information they provide because they could advertise a hotel that you do not like. Another problem for the people that want to pick the luxury hotels online is that they can not trust the websites with their money. You can also benefit from the help of a DMC that will organize for you every step of your holiday: an Italy DMC like Made in Uvet is a good example and it will provide everything you need from the accomodation to the choice of the restaurant and the flight.

Best Apps for Android and iTunes to find an hotel

Do you want to find a cheap hotel for your holiday? Both Google Play and Apple App Store give you help to find out the right accommodation at the right price. Let’s have a look at the best ones. is the app realized by the famous web portal. On it is possible to find accommodations (not only hotels but also apartments, for example), both in a city of your choice or near your position. The hotel list can be sorted for ascending price so finding the right solution is quite easy. app is free both for Android and iOS.

Quite interesting is “cheap hotels”, (app of the month for app realised by FT451 web agency. It is an app dedicated to cheap hotels all around the world. The interesting fact is that is available an app for each country or city you want to go. For example, here you can find the app dedicated to cheap italian hotels and here the one dedicated to cheap japanese hotels.

Hotel Tonight is another interesting app, available both for iOS and for Android, which can help you to find and book hotels in Europe, USA, Mexico and Canada. This app is perfect for those who like to travel last minute, as everyone can find accommodation available for the same day (not all the apps allow you to do so). Plus, Hotel Tonight come with a very good assistance service, available 24/7, via the phone and via email.

So, if you are thinking “how can I find cheap accommodation worldwide” you can find them now.

Tips to pick the best luxury hotels

First of all, you need to find a good and reliable website, which will provide you with information about the hotel, the payment methods, the weather and etc. Knowing this information is crucial for anyone who likes to spend his vacation in a luxury hotel. He/she must know how his money is spent. Some websites that will provide you with plenty information on the luxury hotels are: Perfect Escapes, Last Minute, The Leading Hotels of the World. They will give you the information you need to know how to choose the best luxury hotel on the internet.

Following these steps will let you make up your mind:

  1. First you need to know exactly where you are going.

  2. You need to predetermine the money you are willing to spent for a day in the hotel

  3. Search any of the mentioned websites

  4. when you find something that you like, check if there are any last minute offers

  5. Check for packages, like: 5 days- reduce the price with 10%, 7 days- reduce the price with 12% and etc.

  6. Check, if the hotel has luxurious things like: Piano Bar, Casino, three- four pools, library, tennis cord/cords, basketball, gym, sauna, steam bath. All these things should be mentioned in the website of the hotel.

  7. Check for room specifications: Plasma TV, Jacuzzi, Bath, huge terrace, bed/ beds, Air- Conditioner. To ensure that these things really exist check for pictures of the rooms. Good websites will provide pictures of the hotel’s rooms. Examine them closely. If you have any doubts that these are copied photos, avoid checking in there.

  8. Payment methods are important since you will not be able to book the reservation in person. You will have to do it by any of the following methods: Credit cards, Western union, bank transactions. The best online websites will give you the option to book your dreamed luxury hotel by at least 3-4 different methods of paying the money for the reservation. This is probably the key factor for choosing the best luxury hotel, when you search online. Some people fall for the catch, where a website offers only one way of sending the money. However, there are a lot of good pictures on the website, showing that the hotel/hotels are extremely good and all the luxury things that you want are present. This is the reason why you send the money and when you finally arrive at the hotel, there is no reservation on your name. Sounds familiar?

  9. Each good hotel’s website must have a phone call number. Before even considering sending your money, you must make one phone call to ensure that this website is related to the specified hotel.

  10. Spend time online. You do not need to rush. If you are looking for the best luxury hotel, then you need to put some efforts. Check any information, which is present online and if you feel that there is something wrong with the website, do not hesitate to leave the page for good.

  11. Read reviews. This is the second most important things that you need to do before you actually do the reservation. These reviews are completed by previous visitors of the hotel and they have used the services of the particular website to get there. However, frauds are also present here. Many reviews are incomplete or only with 2-3 sentences. If you come across something like that, do not doubt that this is a fraud. Good reviews are usually long. People tend to explain everything in details. Read as many reviews as possible. Also, some of the people leave an email there. You can choose to contact them to ensure that they have really posted their comment on the website.

  12. Many websites have visitors counters, located in their left corner. Check it and if the visitors counter shows that only few people have visited the website, this means that this is not a reliable website.


People from 21st century like to choose luxury hotels online. Some of the luxury hotels are really popular and for that reason it is not hard to recognize them. However, some of the names of the hotels could be changed to trick you. For example the name of the hotel “Ritz” could be changed in “Rits”. Only few people will spot the difference, especially when they are looking at the online website of the hotel. Of course this is a fraud, that’s why you need to know the exact name of the hotel that you want to visit. This fraud is less popular these days because of the improvements made in google. It sorts first the most popular websites for hotels and because of that you will not have problems to find what you are looking for.

How to organize a Tuscany tour: what to see

Tuscany is one of the most interesting places to visit in Italy. This region offers historic cities, art and entertainment, as well as magnificent nature and scenery. Visitors come to Tuscany for various reasons. Some search for art and culture, others for a lovely countryside, and some come for the delicious Italian dishes and famous wines. In this lovely region, you can really see and experience it all. Browse through our list of things to see in Tuscany, and organize your individual Tuscany tour. For accommodation, visit the convenient webpage for TuscanyAccommodations, or browse through incredible villas for rent here.

This hilltop medieval town in southern Tuscany is one of the most beautiful and charming sights in Italy. The town is situated atop of a 600 meter high ridge. It is full of Renaissance palaces and churches, and it offers spectacular views of the surrounding Val d’Orcia and Val di Chiana valleys.

Situated on the western coast of Italy, on the Tuscan Archipelago, Elba is famous for being the place Napoleon was exiled to. It boasts over 150 beaches and coves perfect for a romantic getaway. It’s pristine blue waters will delight any visitor.

Chianti is a famous name in the wine industry. But did you know this fine brand comes from Tuscany. The Chianti region boasts endless vineyards and charming country homes and churches. Other than that, you can feast your eyes on lovely olive groves and feast your palate on fine wines.

This enchanting town is most famous for its Leaning Tower. Each year, countless tourists flock to see this amazing sight. Along with the Tower, there are a lot of remnants from the golden Middle Ages days when Pisa was a commercial centre of Europe.

Located in the very heart of Tuscany, Siena is built upon three hills. It offers tourists a view of its historic centre which dates back to the Middle Ages. It also has an interesting medieval horse racing tradition.

The capital of Tuscany offers visitors a myriad of architectural treasures, as well as a rich artistic collection. Esteemed galleries such as the Ufizzi and Pitti Palace house some of the world’s greatest masterpieces.

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